• TEDxESCPMadrid 2014

    What a success!

    100 attendees from all over the world made this event something special, something outstanding! We would like to thank you all, because YOU made this happen: the flawless speakers, the great audience, our generous partners & our relentless helpers.

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    ​Europe - Home to great inventors, poets, merchants and artists. Home to great people. Home to great stories. We want to hear those stories. From Madrid to Europe and the otherway round, we provide a stage for the special stories, for the special ideas. Join us on this journey and get inspired!


    What:TEDxESCPMadrid: 'Ideas Made In Europe” - all talks are in English
    Where:ESPACIO BERTELSMANN, Calle O´Donnell 10, 28009 Madrid
    When:Saturday, March 15th, 2014
    Door opens @ 13:30
    Program starts @ 14:15
    Who:100 attendees consisting of a diverse group of professionals, students & entrepreneurs
    Program:14:15SESSION #1: The Source of Innovation
    JOSÉ MANUEL LECETA: Powering Innovation in Europe
    ARIEL QUINONES & GONZALO MANRIQUE: unProgramming your Career
    Video of Official TED talk: KEITH CHEN: Could your language affect your ability to save money?
    CIRO ALTABÁS: Bringing Creativity down to Earth
    Coffee break with brownies & networking
    16:00 SESSION #2: The Inner Drive
    SERGI HERRERO: Educate to Entertain, Entertain to Educate
    BILL DERRENGER: Keep on Leading
    PURIFICACIÓ CANALS: Collaboration for conservation
    STEVE SAWYER: 35+ Years Campaigning to Save the Planet - Why do I still do this?
    Entertaining surprise #1
    Coffee break
    17:40 SESSION #3:The Power of Communication
    Video of Official TED talk: KIRBY FERGUSON: Embrace the remix
    RIK LOMAS: Why Coding is the Language of Ideas
    ANDRÉS BURDETT: Communicative Competence
    MAR CABRA: Journalism on Steroids - with Data
    Entertaining surprise #2
    19:20 Dinner and Bar
    21:00 End of TEDxESCPMadrid

    TED is a non-profit-organisation with its head-quarters in New York. The aim is to spread innovative ideas, new approaches and creative visions – amongst others in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design.


    TEDx began 4 years ago as a licensing experiment created in the spirit of TED‘s philosophy of radical openness. Independently organized, TEDx events are designed to spark deep conversation and connections within local communities. TEDx has grown globally to a big community. So far over 8.000 TEDx events in more than 150 countries have taken place.

Listen to unique stories told by unique people!

More speakers to be announced soon...


Andrés Burdett

José Manuel Leceta

Director European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Gonzalo Manrique & Ariel Quinones

Ariel Quinones & Gonzalo Manrique

Founders of Ironhack

Ciro Altabas

Ciro Altabás

Screenwriter, Director, Teacher

Sergi Herrero

Sergi Herrero

Games Developer at Gamar

Bill Derrenger

Bill Derrenger

CEO, Clear Channel Spain
Affiliate Prof. at ESCP Europe

Purificació Canals

Purificació Canals

President of MedPAN

Steve Sawyer

Steve Sawyer

Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council

Rik Lomas

Rik Lomas

Co-founder Steer

Andrés Burdett

Andrés Burdett

CEO at uSpeak

Purificació Canals

Mar Cabra

Investigative Journalist

An outstanding TEDx event does not only require awesome talks but also incredible performers



    The awesome Host of TEDxESCPMadrid

    Senior in the World changing business. Lean Startup Practitioner & Evangelist at Unir, implementing entrepreneurial management models in the corporate strategy of this thriving organization focused in Online Higher Education. Nast combines this work with his passion for entrepreneurial education, teaching as a assistant professor of Entrepreneurial Management at ESCP Europe, IE Business School, Valencia Politechnical University, Unir and Unir Business School. Nast is also board member of Geosophic and co-creator of


    Entertaining surprise #1

    We are a group of artist in search of people that can give us their support in our development as a illustrators. This iniciative expects to reactivate natural figure drawing as used in the late middle ages when painters went to palaces to draw members of the royal families but with a fresh and modern point of view. How can this be done? inviting us to their homes and posing for us. As a host you will gaing a rich experience joining for about 2 hours the world of the artists!!

We are still looking for partners!

If you are interested, please contact us!


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ESCP Europe

Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the world's oldest business school and has educated generations of leaders and forefront thinkers. With its five urban campuses in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, and Torino, ESCP Europe has a true European identity which enables the provision of a unique style of business education and a global perspective on management issues.

Today, ESCP Europe is ranked #1 worldwide for its Master in Management by the Financial Times.

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The Extraverso cover is a thin (only 1,5 mm) and customisable accessory for your device. It’s made in Italy with cutting-edge technology systems and high quality material from 3M. On top of that, the cover is made by an innovative resin that perfectly fits with the design of the device and allow a whole new world of usages for your smartphone, thanks to its strong grip properties.

You can buy the unique 'IDEAS made in EUROPE' cover at:

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We Are Water

The We are Water Foundation has two main objectives. The first is to raise awareness and to encourage public opinion and institutions to seriously reflect on the need to create a new culture of water that allows the fair and sustainable management of water resources around the world. The second objective is to implement all kinds of different actions to mitigate the negative effects of the lack of adequate water resources. The areas of activity of the Foundation include interventions in infrastructure development, education, health and research in the most deprived areas of the planet.

The Foundation is currently working on projects in Ecuador, India, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Philippines and it collaborates with prestigious international organizations such as Educación sin Fronteras, OXFAM Intermón, Unicef, Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Pies Descalzos Foundation and World Vision International.

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Hertz 24/7® - Ready, whenever!

Hertz 24/7 is the innovative technology based car rental solution from Hertz, allowing customers to rent its global fleet of vehicles by the hour, at any hour.

Currently present in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Australia, Hertz 24/7 provides its customers with a convenient mobility solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the use of RFid access technology.

Whether you need a car for a quick business meeting, or a van to transport a large purchase home, Hertz 24/7 is ready whenever you are.

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SGL Group

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Rum Ritual has created a movement inspired by a Cuban ritual, in which when a bottle is opened, the first drops are sprinkled on the ground to thank Mother Earth for her generosity. Born Movimiento Ritual, inspired by this gratitude cycle, in which in a continuous way, everyone gives and everyone receives in return.

Rum Ritual will invest to promote young entrepreneurs projects, which, with business orientation, impact directly or indirectly in the environment of young Spanish people. Movimiento Ritual will accompany the 3 winners during a year with funds (20.000€), consultancy and visibility.

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